The Preaching Ministry Of Tyler Trivette  

The Preaching Ministry Of Tyler Trivette  


Sermon Series

Sermon Series

Here you will find sermons in text and audio format from a number of different sermon series. These sermons are meant to enrich your Christian Life and serve as a help to pastors, preachers, and Christian speakers alike. 

God Our Father

Matthew 5:43-47- Our Father Who Is Benevolent in Mercy (manuscript) (video)

The Portrait of the Godly Man

1 Timothy 6:6-12- The Contentment of the Godly (manuscript) (video)

Psalm 4:1-8- The Claim of the Godly (manuscript) (video)

2 Timothy 3:10-17- The Conflict of the Godly (manuscript) (video)

Psalm 12:1-8- The Ceasing of the Godly (manuscript) (video)

Psalm 32:1-6- The Cleansing of the Godly (manuscript) (video)

2 Peter 2:9- The Conservation of the Godly (manuscript) (video)

Titus 2:11-12- The Conduct of the Godly (manuscript) (video)

Their Finest Hour

Genesis 22:1-14- Abraham’s Finest Hour (manuscript) (video)

Genesis 32:22-32- Jacob’s Finest Hour (manuscript) (video)

Exodus 32:30-35- Moses’ Finest Hour (manuscript) (video)

Judges 16:21-31- Samson’s Finest Hour (manuscript) (video)

2 Samuel 9:1-13- David’s Finest Hour (manuscript) (video)

Hosea 3:1-5- Hosea’s Finest Hour (manuscript) (video)

A Look at Love: 1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13:1-3- The Preeminence of Love (1/3) (manuscript) (video)

1 Corinthians 13:4-7- The Portrait of Love (2/3) (manuscript) (video)

1 Corinthians 13:8-13- The Permanence of Love (3/3) (manuscript) (video)

Psalm 119

Psalm 119:1-8- The Godly Man I Want to Be (outline)

Psalm 119:26- When We Fail (manuscript)

Psalm 119:27- A Prayer for Understanding (manuscript)

Psalm 119:28- Strength for the Days of Grief (manuscript)

Psalm 119:29-32- Choosing the Right Way (manuscript)

Psalm 119:30-32- Requirements for the Christian Life (manuscript)

Psalm 119:41-48- Lord, I Need Mercy! (manuscript)

Psalm 119:49-50- Getting Help from the Word of God (manuscript)

Psalm 119:51-52- Faithful in the Face of Ridicule (manuscript)

Psalm 119:53- The Concern of the Godly for the Ungodly (manuscript)

Psalm 119:54- Songs for the Pilgrim Way (manuscript)

Psalm 119:68- The Goodness of God (manuscript)

Psalm 119:73- In the Classroom of the Creator (manuscript)

Psalm 119:74- Lord, Make Me a Blessing (manuscript)

Psalm 119:75- These Things I Know (manuscript) (video)

Psalm 119:76-80- Let, Lord (manuscript) (video)

Psalm 119:81-88- In the Low Places (manuscript) (video)

Psalm 119:89-96- God’s Wonderful Book Divine (manuscript)

Psalm 119:97-104- I Love the Old Bible (manuscript) (video)

Psalm 119:105-112- How To Walk in the Light of the Word (manuscript) (video)

Psalm 119:113-120- A God We Can Lean On (manuscript) (video)

Psalm 119:121-128- Doing Right When Everything Else Is Going Wrong (manuscript) (video)

Psalm 119:129-136- The Wonder of the Word (manuscript) (video)

Psalm 119:137-144- Truth You Can Trust (manuscript) (video)

Psalm 119:145-152- Sweet Hour of Prayer (manuscript) (video)

Psalm 119:153-160- A Prayer for Personal Revival (manuscript) (video)

Psalm 119:161-168- Benefits of the Bible (manuscript) (video)

Psalm 119:169-176- God Is (manuscript) (video)

Jesus, I Have a Question!

01- Matt. 3:13-17- Comest Thou to Me? (manuscript)

05- Mark 1:21-28- What Have We to Do With Thee? (manuscript)

06- John 2:13-22- What Sign Shewest Thou Unto Us? (manuscript)

How Will You Judge Jesus?

01- John 7:14-24- How Will You Judge Jesus? Pt.1 (manuscript)

02- John 7:18- How Will You Judge Jesus? Pt.2 (manuscript)

03- John 7:19- How Will You Judge Jesus? Pt.3 (manuscript)

04- John 7:19-24- How Will You Judge Jesus? Pt.4 (manuscript)